Second Movement

As his fame grew, Dr. Brekhman was called upon more and more to apply his special skills and secrets to those aspects of their culture in which the Soviets wished to shine before the world. Brekhman’s research was a key factor in the early success of the Russian space program. Brekhman developed special dietary formulas for the cosmonauts, extracts of plant materials he had studied for ears. These supplements restored the natural balance of their body systems and protected them against the stresses of motion, vertigo, weightlessness, enforced inactivity and all the myriad of stresses inherent in an orbiting space flight. So dramatic were the results that soon all the cosmonauts were put on Brekhman’s program.

He was next directed to the sports arena where his task was to enhance and upgrade the athlete’s performance in all forms of competition. The ultimate result of Dr. Brekhman’s work was an athlete’s dream: A program of natural supplements which greatly increased energy and strength; generated extended stamina and endurance to new levels; recuperative powers of such magnitude, that enabled an athlete to train longer, more often and more intensively without experiencing fatigue or over training. There is hardly a Russian sports team or elite Russian athlete who, even though they may not know Dr. Brekhman’s name, use the supplements he developed and owe a share of their world-class status to Dr. Brekhman’s brilliant work.

Over the years Dr. Brekhman’s programs achieved wonders for the Soviet elite: Launched the Cosmonauts into space; allowed world-class athletes to train harder, recuperate faster and surpass their own records; brought controlled energy, concentration and focus to master chess players and star performers of the ballet alike; provided greater focus and concentration for great Russian pianists and violinists, as well as, high ranking government officials. Though honor and fame were bestowed on him, Dr. Brekhman’s dream remained unrealized. Never forgotten, never forsaken was the original dream of his youth: to create a nutritional food supplement that could be used everyday, by all people, from the very young to the very old…”a multi-sound, life-enhancing, symphony of a formula to make people healthy, happy, to protect them from stress.”