First Movement

Dr. Brekhman achieved great fame and renown as the discoverer of Eleuthercoccus, the King of Adaptogens, and for his monumental and revolutionary work on the plants of the Primorye. The Institute of Biologically Active Substances and the Institute of Marine Biology were established in the Russian Far East; Dr. Brekhman was appointed Director. Here he carried on with his great research project, analyzing the molecular structure of plants; isolating the complex substrates, each of which held the secret of a special benefit to man.

And Dr. Brekhman demonstrated some of these special benefits in one of the most massive, sustained, and spectaculary successful programs of human testing in a recorded scientific history. Tens, hundreds, then thousands of people – men, women, and children of all ages – participated in these stuides – the populations of entire schools, hospitals, and factories…even an entire town.

From his earliest human studies, Dr. Brekhman realized that stress unchecked and hopelessness unrelieved, could ravage the endeavors, consume the dreams and corrode the days of one’s life. But he also realized – to his immense joy – that the complex substances of his long search was revealing when used singly and, more often in special combinations – could not only protect against stress, and supply new energy and stamina, but could touch people in a very special way to enrich and illuminate their lives. And Dr. Brekhman, envisioned his nutritional formula as an expression, not only of the benefits but of options: Not just energy, but ambition and the possibility of its reward; not just endurance, but hope and the vision of its fulfillment; not just freedom from stress – but the freedom to dream.