Dr. Israel I. Brekhman 1921 – 1994

Dr. Israel Brekhman, a highly decorated and internationally renowned scientist from the former Soviet Union, devoted his lifelong work to the discovery of new formulas to promote health and well-being. He broke ground into an entirely new area of nutrition, providing the key for achieving and maintaining good health in a modern age, when environmental and social conditions continually oppose natural, bodily functions.

Dr. Brekhman directed his research for more than forty years toward plants of the Russian Far East, many of which possess remarkable attributes for naturally supporting human health. Extensive research into these unique plants and others from around the world allowed Dr. Brekhman to completely understand and harness their vital elements. Through this process, he laid the foundations for the study of a new class of plants known as “adaptogens” and paved the way for their extensive study by proteges and colleagues at home and abroad.